Plan to Please

Plan to Please

We must plan – in advance – every day, to remain faithful to God.  In this way we will be sure to please Him.

And it’s important to teach this to our children.

Every day, especially as they get older, our children are faced with certain situations that we cannot control because we aren’t with them 24/7 as when they were younger.

Easter 2011 with their youngest cousins
Every step of ‘letting go‘ is something God ordains for their lives, in order to become healthy, independent adults. At each phase of ‘letting go’, we must have instilled in them that they must plan in advance – before ever stepping out the door – to remain faithful to the Lord, so that when they are thrust into certain situations, they already know what their response should be.
The best way to teach them is to lead by example.  (Easier said than done)

Planning to stay faithful will help increase victory!

I pray that the meditations of my heart and the words of my mouth be acceptable to my Lord and Savior.  I pray I teach my children how to plan in advance daily to remain faithful to our God.  May my actions, which speak louder than words, be pleasing to my Heavenly Father, so that everyone – especially my children – can see Jesus in everything that I do without having to say a word. 

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