This man right here… I sure do love him.

He loves all things health-related.  
He loves everything nature and outdoors and enjoys long walks every day (weather permitting).
He loves to watch TV – Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, religious programs, and all things health-related.
He loves to read, specifically and most importantly – the Bible.  He studies God’s word faithfully.
He loves to read anything/all things health-related. 
Did I mention he loves all things health-related? 

He loves a good joke because he loves to laugh.
When he gets tickled, he almost can’t stop himself.
He inevitably ends up with tears in his eyes because he laughs so hard!
Just like my granddad, his dad, he has a laugh like no other.
Their laughs are different and only similar in that they have a very distinctive laugh that compels others to join in!

He loves music. 

He can play the guitar and the banjo, and he loves to listen to big band music.

For so long I credited my mother for giving me and my siblings the love for music, but I have learned the love came from both of my parents.

He loves family, and he misses my mom.  She passed away in 2003 with ALS.

He faithfully prays daily for every one of his five children and their families.

I am so thankful for this humble, gentle, sweet spirited, God-fearing, praying without ceasing, hard working man. 
He’s a man of few words but he is solid and wise, and when you are around him there is a peace and comfort that follows. 
He’s my Dad, and I am ever so blessed he is mine.

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