It Just Takes Time

It Just Takes Time

98 year-old Thurston Frazier, Todd’s granddad – a/k/a ‘Daddy Pete’.

Every time we leave Alabama we don’t know if it will be our last with him, but God keeps gracing and blessing us with yet another sweet visit.

This right here…

This scene right here sums up all he desires, to spend time talking and reminiscing with his loved ones.

To see Todd and Daddy Pete talk and laugh and go over story after story after story, and usually the same story due to his dementia…it just hit me all of a sudden what precious memories we are making.

Oh, I always know how precious these sweet moments are, but it just hit me in the gut today for some reason.

It doesn’t take money to make precious memories. It doesn’t take anything big or fancy. It doesn’t have to be jaw dropping experiences. What does it take? Time. That’s all it takes to make sweet precious memories that will last a lifetime. Time together…that’s all.

Most of the time, the more simple the scene the more heart-stopping memories. I’ve enjoyed making memories with other family and friends over the last couple of days. I’m missing those whom we can’t connect with over the holidays. I’m looking forward to making more memories with more family over the next few days. Beyond that? I don’t know what tomorrow holds…none of us do. But I do know this: My vow for the new year forward is to take advantage of these moments and make memories with loved ones…those near and far, because each day that passes is a day we can’t get back. As I type this I am reminded of my sweet mother who has been with the Lord 15 years (will be 16 years in January.)

Precious memories, how they linger…

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