If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It!

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It!

8…. Yes, eight.

That’s how many brands I tried. None of them worked.

Let me explain.

My son married exactly one month ago today, outside, during the hottest month of the year (August). #1) I’m a sweater. #2) I’m a cry-er. Both of these usually spell doomsday for my makeup! I wanted to get THE BEST foundation that would not only carry me through the heat of the wedding but also keep me from having to touch up. So, I went on a hunt.

I tried out every long-lasting, waterproof foundation imaginable… some from my local mart and other high-end brands that promised to deliver. The four in the background of this ‘Testimony Tuesday’ pic I shared with my team are half of those I tried, none of which delivered. Oh, they covered well and they lasted a long time, but I was not happy with how my skin looked after the application, not to mention the irritation and blemishes that followed. Not only that, I knew I was headed back to ‘Toxic Nation’ with all the chemicals and synthetic ingredients and fragrances (hence the blemishes)….everything that I’ve been working to eliminate from my lifestyle over the last year.

I finally landed on one certain foundation for the big day, but I was not satisfied with how it looked on my skin. It looked, and felt, like it had been ‘placed’ on my skin, sitting on top of it like a mask. It did not look or feel natural at all. PLUS….the chemicals. UGH.

If you’ve been following me, then you know that I do use Savvy Minerals foundation, and I LOVE it! However, at this very important time in my life, I doubted its capability to maintain coverage ‘under pressure’ and to stay put for the night. Why? I don’t know!

Since the big day, I have worn Savvy Minerals foundation not only during my everyday work life, but also to move my son and his new wife into their new home. We packed and unpacked and loaded and unloaded – all the good things that come with a big move, including sweat!! Savvy Minerals definitely delivered!! The description actually says it all, “… long-lasting, all-day foundation made with high-quality, mineral-based ingredients.” Need I say more?

The thing I have noticed with Savvy Minerals foundation is that the longer it stays on your face, the creamier and more like skin it looks. The warmth from your face seems to ‘bake’ it into your skin leaving a radiant, natural glow. Savvy Minerals foundation is also buildable, so you can go from sheer coverage to full coverage if you’d like, as it blends flawlessly! *smooth like buttah!*

The best thing about Savvy Minerals, in my opinion, is that it does not have any fillers, synthetics, or parabens, making it a great choice for sensitive skin, which I have.

I knew Savvy Minerals foundation was a great product and, through this process, I found out JUST how good!

Lesson learned: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Passion in a Picture

Passion in a Picture

He wanted me to ride out to the baseball field with him.

“But, of course I will!”

I couldn’t help but snap these pics of his silhouette as the sprays of water collided with the rays of sun, making for a very “My life in a square” moment, and one that was very quintessentially Todd!

This picture captures him to the core showing his passion, not in the throws of a heated battle nor in the excitement of a victorious win, but rather in the quiet stillness of a solemn golden hour.

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” -Anthony J. D’Angelo

His passion runs deep.

He still continues to grow… because he is still excited about learning.

And he still makes my heart go puh, puh, puh…

Now What?

Now What?

UPDATE:  As my use of essential oils has grown, so has my product list!  If you want to see an updated list of the products that I have used to compliment my essential oils, click here.

So, you dove right in and bought some essential oils.  Now what?  What are you gonna do with them?

As promised, I am going to fill you in on some of the budget-friendly accessories I purchased to help make some fabulous oily blends/recipes!!  (I get excited thinking about it!!)  All of these are easy peasy buys from Amazon, and I will add a link for each one so you’ll be just one click away!


Essential Oils Pocket Reference 7th Edition
Essential Oils Pocket Reference

To start, my most ‘essential’ purchase (get it??  hee hee) was the Essential Oils Pocket Reference.  This little gem is specific to Young Living and gives you the 4-1-1 on all the oils, even for those oils NOT included in the starter kit.  This will help you get to know the oils in your starter kit as well as those oils that aren’t included and will help guide you to which oils to use for what purpose, the safe methods of use.  It is a GREAT tool to use in getting to know which oils to use to target your specific needs.  This is a little fella, but it is FULL of information!

Essential Oils Roller Bottles
Essential Oils Roller Bottles

Next, I purchased these essential oils roller bottles to help house the special blends that I make.  Rollers are one of the best & easiest ways to use your oils topically, travel with them, or make your oils last longer!  You get the same benefits from the oil when mixed with a carrier oil and placed in a roller bottle that you would get if applied directly.  These particular roller bottles come with extra roller balls, labels, opener, funnel, and other goodies pictured!

> Always buy rollers with a steel or glass roller ball – never plastic!  (The purity of the oils will weaken the plastic.)
> Get quality rollers so they don’t leak!

Essential Oils Roller Bottles - 12 PK Variety Kit
12-PK Essential Oils Bottles Kit

I also purchased this 12-Pk Essential Oils Bottles Kit which includes some roller bottles as well as some large and small spray bottles.  The larger spray bottles are used for my Thieves cleaner while the smaller spray bottles can be used for things such as room spray, oil sprays for your hair health, and one I’m about to try….. a poo spray!  (“What did you say??! Whoa, Nelly!  Too much info!!”) –> I can’t wait to make it and see how good it works!!

Fractionated Coconut Oil
Fractionated Coconut Oil

One thing you will definitely need if you are wanting to make different oily recipes is a carrier oil.  For now, my carrier oil of choice is this Fractionated Coconut Oil.  Carrier oils do not weaken the benefits you receive from your oils, they just allow for easier and better topical application as well as allowing your oils to last longer.

Witch Hazel
Witch Hazel

I plan on making a linen spray at some point soon so I will combine this witch hazel with lavender oil to make a dreamy spray!  I am waiting to finish the one I’ve been using, though, but I can’t wait to make it!

Witch Hazel is a natural astringent, so you can also use it in combination with certain oils to make a facial toner.

Rosehip Oil

One last thing that I’ve included in my essential oils cabinet (for now) is Rosehip Oil.  I mentioned it in my last post, but this is the oil I use in combination with lavender, frankincense, and copaiba to make the Glow Face Serum that I absolutely LOVE!  I use it morning and night!!  You can also use jojoba oil, but be sure to use the correct oil for the benefit you are looking for in a facial serum.  Each has similar yet different benefits. Jojoba oil is a lighter oil that is quickly absorbed in the skin and is usually good for all skin types.  Rosehip oil is also good for all skin types but is especially good for dry, sensitive skin and helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles.  This is the reason I chose rosehip oil.  My face tends to be on the dryer side, and mama gettin’ on up in the age so more fine lines are making their appearance!  My glow serum is helping me grow old gracefully!

Well….there ya have it!  That’s ‘all I got’ for now!  I don’t know about you, but I am STILL lovin’ on these essential oils for all of their oily goodness and gajillion benefits naturally! —  ♫ Doin’ a what comes na-trul-ly!♫ — (<- A little ‘Annie Get Your Gun’ reference for you thespians out there!  One of my favorite plays!)

Have a good rest of your Thursday, friends.  We are headed for the weekend!  Whoo Hoo!


Glow Serum

Glow Serum

I have just been having so much fun experimenting with my essential oils!  It has been an exciting learning period for me, knowing that I can never stop learning, especially since there are SO MANY POSSIBILITIES with the so many oils that Young Living has to offer!  My husband is even on board, which makes it doubly fun and exciting!!

For a couple of weeks now I have been using a new face ‘glow’ serum as a daily moisturizer.  It doesn’t necessarily ‘glow’ as a sparkly highlighter does, but it acts more like a moisturizer giving your skin a more fresh feel and ‘morning glow’, if you will.  I have seen a difference in my skin, and I’ve even noticed a difference in how my makeup looks with this new skin, so to speak.


As a maturing woman who is about to reach the big 5-0, I have found that my skin has changed over the last year or so. My makeup does not wear like it has in years past, and it has just been a bit of a struggle finding the right moisturizer / primer / foundation / concealer combination that is a perfect fit for my changing skin … not to mention the fine lines that have been creeping in without my approval! Sometimes what I’ve put on my face has made me look even older than I am, because I hadn’t learned what works for my aging skin, and that is just not acceptable!

I have learned a couple of things about my skin thus far… 1) I cannot use a primer as I once did.  I can use a primer on my eyes, but not on my face.  Foundation does janky things on my face when I use a primer.  2) The type of moisturizer I use can do the same janky thing with my foundation, and it has been a process trying to find the right moisturizer for my aging skin without breaking the bank!

This glow serum has been a saving grace for me! I love how my face feels and looks, and I am very pleased with how my foundation looks after using the serum.  So, let’s get on to the gritty details about this wonderful anti-aging face serum!!

Just three essential oils make up this serum:  lavender (can you do ANYTHING without this little gem of an oil? I think not!), frankincense, and copaiba.


I’ll break them down for you and let you know the benefits of each:



Lavender is great for the skin and hair, not to mention it is support for emotional balance as well.  There are so many uses for lavender, and it is always the oil I run out of the quickest!



Just like Lavender, Frankincense is also great for the skin and hair, as well as for emotional balance, but it is also an anti-aging serum.  (HALL-LAY-LOO!! –  Gimme all dem anti-aging oilies!)



I had never heard of Copaiba prior to my journey with Young Living, and this little oil has so many benefits!  Along with the other two oils mentioned above, Copaiba is used for emotional balance and is an anti-aging serum, but this oil specifically, Copaiba Vitality, is part of the ‘vitality’ line, which means it can be ingested and used for respiratory system support as well as for muscles and bones.

There are different ratios one can use to make this little roller ball of oily goodness, but the following is the ratio I used in a 10ml roller bottle:

*10 drops lavender  *10 drops frankincense  *10 drops copaiba – fill the rest of the bottle with rosehip oil or jojoba oil. I chose rosehip oil.


You can find it on Amazon here.

If I had the time, I could fill my day up writing on everything I love about these essential oils!  My next post will give you references on where you can buy all the oily accessories, such as the carrier oil, roller bottles, spray bottles, essential oil reference book, and other goodies!  Yes….I’m doing things a bit backward, here, but I’m learning!  Thank you for your patience with me as I learn about all the oily goodness and share it with you as I learn!

I am still a rookie at this, so tell me….do you use essential oils?  If so, what are your favorite recipes and why??  I would LOVE to know, and I would love to learn from you!!

Exodus 35:38 – “They also brought spices and olive oil for the light and for the anointing oil and for the fragrant incense.”



Fabulous Finds!

Fabulous Finds!

Oh my goodness…Amazon never ceases to amaze me!  I just love the convenience of their 2-day shipping, and the fact that you can find so many things you are looking for at such an affordable price is also huge plus!

Today’s finds prove to be some FABULOUS bargains!  I found some things that are good for helping transition you from summer to fall.  (It is FINALLY beginning to feel like fall around here, and I’m so ready!!)

Todaies Womens Hoodie Blouse Womens Pullover T-Shirt Plaid Hoodie Long Sleeve Blouse TopTodaies Women’s Hoodie Blouse – This hoodie is perfect for fall, and it comes in navy and red, and it is $5.49!!  (What-What??!!)  The sizes also range from small to 3x, so this is a fabulous find! I’m loving the pocket in the front!

Duseedik-dress New Women's Blouse,Duseedik Ladies Hot Sale Zipper Long Sleeve Blouse Loose Summer Vest Shirt

Duseedik Ladies Zipper Long Sleeve Blouse Loose Summer Vest Shirt – Y’all … $2.85!!!  It comes in black, blue and red, in sizes Small – XLarge.  I love how it hides the mommy pooch as well as the junk in the trunk!  

Todaies Women Top Casual Matching Color Long Sleeve Top Button Loose Plaid Shirt Blouse TopTodaies Casual Long Sleeve Button Loose Plaid Blouse – Another Todaies goody … for $6.96, also good for fall.  Look at the colors!  This one also comes in red plaid ranging from sizes Small-XLarge. 

Car Trunk Organizer - Premium Water Resistant Grocery Storage Bag with Strong Handles Who DOESN’T need this Car Trunk Organizer??  At $16.99, it’s a great way to keep your groceries and what-nots from sliding all around in the back of your vehicle.  Great for hauling tail-gate supplies, too!

Todaies Women Lace Floral Open Cape Casual Coat Loose Blouse Kimono Jacket CardiganTodaies Women Lace Floral Open Casual Loose Kimono Cardigan – This little beauty also comes in black and in a wide variety of sizes – from Small to 3x – for just $6.89.  I love the feminine look of the lace as well as the loose fit. It just looks like it’s ready to capture that fall breeze!

Clearance Todaies Womens Long Sleeve Blouses Round Neck T Shirts Color Block Striped Causal Blouses Tops

Todaies Womens Long Sleeve Round Neck T-Shirts  –  This little comfy, cozy long sleeve T-shirt comes in 4 different colors (soft shades) ranging from Small – 2X for $6.29.  Can’t you just imagine wearing this one with leggings & fuzzy socks, having a blanket wrapped around you as you sip on a cup of coffee watching a football game or binge-watching your favorite Netflix series? 

Sunland Microfiber Makeup Remover Facial Cloths Chemical Free Face Cleaning Towel 8inchx16inch purple 3 PackMicrofiber Makeup Remover Facial Cloths – Now, I cannot attest for these particular facial cloths, but I can attest to the fact that if you aren’t using microfiber cloths to remove your makeup, you don’t know what you’ve been missing!  These things work so stinkin’ good, they just grab that makeup right off your face leaving your face feeling squeaky clean! I promise…it’s like you can almost hear the ‘squeak’ whenever you are washing your face with them!  — I wear waterproof mascara, so what I do before washing my face is to use tGarnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water, For Waterproof Makeup, 13.5 fl. oz.he Garnier Micellar Water to remove the mascara and then I let the microfiber cloth use its magic to do the rest!  This happens to be one of my most favorite finds ever!  Well…. 2 of my most favorite finds!

 I talked about these Swisspers Exfoliating Rounds in one of my other posts.  I use them for so many things, and removing my mascara is just one!

Well…I’m gonna leave it at that for now, friends.  Hope you are able to get in on the fabulous finds for today that won’t break the bank!

Blessings to you today and every day,