If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It!

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It!

8…. Yes, eight.

That’s how many brands I tried. None of them worked.

Let me explain.

My son married exactly one month ago today, outside, during the hottest month of the year (August). #1) I’m a sweater. #2) I’m a cry-er. Both of these usually spell doomsday for my makeup! I wanted to get THE BEST foundation that would not only carry me through the heat of the wedding but also keep me from having to touch up. So, I went on a hunt.

I tried out every long-lasting, waterproof foundation imaginable… some from my local mart and other high-end brands that promised to deliver. The four in the background of this ‘Testimony Tuesday’ pic I shared with my team are half of those I tried, none of which delivered. Oh, they covered well and they lasted a long time, but I was not happy with how my skin looked after the application, not to mention the irritation and blemishes that followed. Not only that, I knew I was headed back to ‘Toxic Nation’ with all the chemicals and synthetic ingredients and fragrances (hence the blemishes)….everything that I’ve been working to eliminate from my lifestyle over the last year.

I finally landed on one certain foundation for the big day, but I was not satisfied with how it looked on my skin. It looked, and felt, like it had been ‘placed’ on my skin, sitting on top of it like a mask. It did not look or feel natural at all. PLUS….the chemicals. UGH.

If you’ve been following me, then you know that I do use Savvy Minerals foundation, and I LOVE it! However, at this very important time in my life, I doubted its capability to maintain coverage ‘under pressure’ and to stay put for the night. Why? I don’t know!

Since the big day, I have worn Savvy Minerals foundation not only during my everyday work life, but also to move my son and his new wife into their new home. We packed and unpacked and loaded and unloaded – all the good things that come with a big move, including sweat!! Savvy Minerals definitely delivered!! The description actually says it all, “… long-lasting, all-day foundation made with high-quality, mineral-based ingredients.” Need I say more?

The thing I have noticed with Savvy Minerals foundation is that the longer it stays on your face, the creamier and more like skin it looks. The warmth from your face seems to ‘bake’ it into your skin leaving a radiant, natural glow. Savvy Minerals foundation is also buildable, so you can go from sheer coverage to full coverage if you’d like, as it blends flawlessly! *smooth like buttah!*

The best thing about Savvy Minerals, in my opinion, is that it does not have any fillers, synthetics, or parabens, making it a great choice for sensitive skin, which I have.

I knew Savvy Minerals foundation was a great product and, through this process, I found out JUST how good!

Lesson learned: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

The Turtoise Testimonial

The Turtoise Testimonial

Let’s travel backwards for a minute, shall we?

  • PIC 1: MAY 2019
  • PIC 2: EASTER 2018
  • PIC 3: JUNE 2011

There are some who know I use essential oils and have commented “You better not share that you’ve stayed above the wellness line anymore” whenever I’ve ended up below the wellness line from time to time.

I get it… I claim to use these ‘awesome’ oils & end up getting sick??

*Guys… these oils HAVE kept me above the wellness line, no doubt about that, and I’ll always proclaim that because it’s not just words I’m speaking… it’s my real life I’ve been living!

I’ve never claimed that they are “cure all – end all” remedies.

Scripture says it rains on the unjust AND the just! Likewise, even when using these oils, I will get sick at some time or another because that’s just life. I’m around people… people have germs… I’m in the environment… I’m not in a bubble; But if I can do something to help prevent an illness or reaction or to support my mental, emotional and physical health or remove things (toxic products) from my life that are endocrine disrupters, you bet your bottom dollar I’m going to do it.

And let me just add that I am not against modern medicine. I still consult with my doctor whenever I add a new Young Living supplement into my daily regimen just to make sure that it doesn’t have an adverse reaction to the modern medicine that I HAVE to take on a DAILY basis! I have the best doctor in the world; he has more knowledge in his big toe than I would ever know what to do with if I possessed it! I trust him fully and completely and I will always seek his medical advice. 

But… if I don’t HAVE to take modern meds and can combat issues with the plant-based remedies that God put here on earth for us to use, I’m all about it!

I have this one life to live. God has given me this one temple to use for His glory, so I am (in the words of my dad) determined to do my part here on earth and let God take care of the rest.

I am beyond thankful for my Young Living products… I can’t even put into words how grateful I am. I don’t want to push them on anyone… but those things I love, I love to share with others.

I started this wellness journey circa May 2018 incorporating an AIP diet as well as implementing the ‘ditch & switch’ lifestyle which includes mostly Young Living products and essential oils. I’m still progressively making the switch as it takes some time, and I, myself, am still a work in progress learning as I go.

But just look through the pics …  see the progression of how my wellness journey is going … and tell me I’m crazy.  It may be a slow progression, and I may be in turtoise mode, but slow & steady runs the race!